Sep 022010

So as those regular readers will remember (if only i had any – Ha!) the “Drink!” post explained my regular visits to the Peterborough Beer Festival, and the fact i couldn’t go this year due to work commitments (see the “Spa” post).

So, upon landing at West Midlands airport from my work jaunt abroad, i re-enabled the data roaming on my phone to find a number of Facebook notification from Peterborough beer festival. Strangely, as i observed the photos it appeared that i had actually gone to the Peterborough beer festival without realising it – was i caught in some metaphysical singularity, was Spa just a dream (for “dream” re “nightmare”) or had someone been a bit handy with photoshop? Oh no, to all of the aforementioned….

You see Nige, my mate, works at one of those places where they have giant printers. He carefully extracted a photo of me from last year’s beer festival and put some company property to good (well funny) use. Printing me out on a large piece of cardboard and cutting me from my surroundings, he carted me (well my cardboard image) from York to Peterborough (on the train) and took me to the beer fest… apparently not only did i have a good time, but i pulled several times and have the photos to prove it :-)

I have no more memories of the beer festivals that i actually did go to, to this year’s that i didn’t, but at least i’ve got a lot of photos to prove i had a great time. Thanks guys, it really does mean a lot. x

Nige, me and Eddy with a pint at the 2010 Peterborough Beer Festival

Eddy, Me, Lou and Nige

Stu, me and Nige

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