Sep 062010

I was just installing a new WordPress pluggin so i can include some photo galleries to brighten my blog up when i came across some photos from the testing in Spain in February. So i uploaded them to Picasa and now i’m hoping the pluggin will work so you can see the images (i promise to try and find something a bit more interesting for the next blog!)

Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be working, give me a minute….


OK, so now it appear to be working. If you hover over the image it’ll pause and you’ll get some text about the image (if i wrote any that is!). If you click on it, you’ll get a big version of the image come up.
N.B. i noticed that some of the images are actually from the Stowe shakedown a few days before we flew out to Spain. There is one or two photos of us driving from Jerez to Barcelona – what a driver that was: Most people went home between tests but a few were needed in Barcelona staright away. It was sold to me as apparently even though the drive is seriously long (circa 12 hours), you get to see a lot of Spain including some pretty spectacular mountains. The problem we had was that is rained most of the way there and on the mountain run, we were actually in the clouds and could see chuff all – great!

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